Youre Moving In Together—So, Whose Stuff Stays?


I've never lived with someone before! I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on the matter. So my question is; If you could go back in time to before you first lived with someone, what advice would you give yourself? Thanks x , Emily sent the above letter from a reader to the xoJane crew and I was all over it because a I'm coming up on my one year living together anniversary with the mostly greatest boyfriend on earth and b Oh, how I wish I'd had the foresight to ask for advice waaay back in the day when I first moved in with the worst boyfriend of all time.

As the New York Times recently emphasized in the op-ed " The Downside of Cohabitating Before Marriage " many American couples simply "slide" into cohabitating, effectively making a non-decision about a very, very important decision:

Youre Moving in Together—So, Whose Stuff Stays?

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Top 10 things you notice when you move to Japan

How to Move In Together: A Checklist From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way

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Youre Moving In Together—So, Whose Stuff Stays?

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How to Move In Together: A Checklist From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way

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  • Add your dealbreakers and makers to the list folks, I wanna make sure I'm doing this thing right, too.
  • Never let anyone, no matter how cute they are in the morning, hold your housing in their hands.
  • This is also me assuming you've plowed through the important stuff like who's paying for what halfsies or some other fraction , who's handling the bills i.
  • I don't know how or when people with spawn highjacked the term "date night," but it's for everybody.
  • In fact, in my opinion it should be just as hard as being married to someone.
  • To quote the Times pieces once again:

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How to Move in Together

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How to Move in Together

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Youre Moving in Together—So, Whose Stuff Stays?

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Stays? Together—So, Stuff Whose in Youre Moving

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Youre Moving in Together—So, Whose Stuff Stays?