You Need To See Barack Obama’s Birthday Gift To Michelle


As for Washington, he stands blank-faced, one arm extended, like a tenor taking a dignified bow. In an portrait, Andrew Jackson, a demonstrative bully, sports a floor-length, red-silk-lined Dracula cloak and a kind of topiary bouffant. Abraham Lincoln, seen in several likenesses, is exceptional for looking as if he may actually have weighty matters on his mind.

Most of the portraits that precede and follow his are pure P. This continues well into the 20th century.

You Need to See Barack Obama’s Birthday Gift to Michelle

August 3, Updated: August 3, at Most notably, his appearance.

Barack Obama's birthday gift to Michelle makes you swoon

Obama Portraits Blend Paint and Politics, and Fact and Fiction

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You Need To See Barack Obama’s Birthday Gift To Michelle

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Obama Portraits Blend Paint and Politics, and Fact and Fiction

The Friday Cover

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Obama to Michelle: 'You have made the country proud'


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You Need to See Barack Obama’s Birthday Gift to Michelle sexy

Happy Presidents' Day! 44 Photos To Make You Miss Obama


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Barack Obama shares sweet birthday message to Michelle on Instagram

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Barack Obama shares sweet birthday message to Michelle on Instagram

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Gift Michelle See to to Barack Obama’s Need You Birthday Haigh set direct

The state will start celebrating “Barack Obama Day” on the president’s 57th birthday.


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You Need to See Barack Obama’s Birthday Gift to Michelle

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Editor-in-chief You Need to See Barack Obama’s Birthday Gift to Michelle watching

Michelle Obama calls Barack Obama her 'best friend' in heartwarming birthday post

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Barack Michelle Birthday Obama’s Gift Need You See to to

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You Need to See Barack Obama’s Birthday Gift to Michelle