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Then turn your attention to the prewedding festivities, where you get to be the honored guest! As the date for your wedding draws near, you and your fiance will find yourselves the subjects of a whirlwind of parties. Some you will host, but for most you two will be the guests of honor—which means you get to pretty much relax and enjoy the festivities.

Still, it helps to know what to expect. That way you can provide guidance when its requested to friends and family who are hosting a party for you.

What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Parties | Showers & Parties.com

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How to Plan the Ultimate Engagement Party

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What To Wear To Pre-Wedding Parties | Showers & Parties.com

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How to Plan the Ultimate Engagement Party

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Wedding Showers & Parties : How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Showers & Parties

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Showers & Parties

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What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Parties | Showers & Parties.com

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The Awesome Pre-Wedding Event to Replace Bridal Showers Once and for All

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The Awesome Pre-Wedding Event to Replace Bridal Showers Once and for All

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Tilch Oh, Pre-Wedding Showers Parties.com & to Wear Parties | to What Luis


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What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Parties | Showers & Parties.com

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Sarkany What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Parties | Showers & Parties.com and

Wedding Showers & Parties

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Pre-Wedding What Parties to Parties.com | & Wear to Showers

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