Trend Alert: 24 Ways To Use Black Details In Your Wedding Decor


Spiders live in the oldest places that are full of dust and build their own home using their webs. These creepy-crawling things are commonly seen during Halloween as a decoration to scare people. If you are going to see a house full of spiders, are you going inside? This is a great way to decorate your front door so people who visit your house will be freaked out and would really feel the presence of Halloween.

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Trend Alert: 24 Ways to Use Black Details in Your Wedding Decor

Above Left An eclectic take on the lace back wedding dress, the Rebecca Dress from the Anna Campbell Made to Measure Bridal Collection as seen on  The Polka Dot Bride  shows the unusual lace back pulled together with a neat bow,  which allows for some skin to be shown!

Above Right  Another stunner from Anna Campbell , the Stephanie Dress boasts a full lace back with a high-waisted bow. Above  What a stunner!

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Bridal Outfits by Manish Malhotra

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Trend Alert: 24 Ways To Use Black Details In Your Wedding Decor

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Bridal Outfits by Manish Malhotra

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  • Above Right    This very lacy and very lovely wedding dress from designer,  Claire Pettibone , is just to die for!
  • Making this would require patience and hard work since you have to reach the ceiling of your house in order to make it as you decoration for Halloween.
  • It really gives me the chills, plus the fact that there is blood dripping from the masks eyes.
  • Looking for more lace backed loveliness?
  • To make it more realistic, you can add spider webs, dusts, and maybe some black water-based paint on the walls so it would look like an old burnt house.
  • This is a great way to decorate your front door so people who visit your house will be freaked out and would really feel the presence of Halloween.
  • No wonder it garnered around 2, repins!

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Trend Alert: 24 Ways To Use Black Details In Your Wedding Decor

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Trend Alert: 24 Ways To Use Black Details In Your Wedding Decor

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Trend Alert: 24 Ways to Use Black Details in Your Wedding Decor

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Ways in Alert: Use Black Decor Trend Wedding Your Details to 24

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Trend Alert: 24 Ways to Use Black Details in Your Wedding Decor

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