This Amsterdam Wedding Was An All-Night Party


Planning your Dutch dream wedding 0 comments An expat bride and groom-to-be share their celebration secrets. As Kuys and Magun discussed their fantasy wedding, they quickly learned that many Dutch couples view marriage with a degree of indifference, placing more emphasis on buying a house together or having a child. Initial research however proved this fact to work in their favour.

Encouraged by reasonable fees the international couple jumped into the planning of a magical wedding.

This Amsterdam Wedding Was an All-Night Party

What about the adult nightlife in Amsterdam? Amsterdam's nightlife is quite famous, with the city's many clubs, pubs and cocktail bars scattered along the bustling Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein and elsewhere. But many people don't come here for the drinks and dancing, but for that thrill unique to the city.

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Now it's time for selected guests to rock Buckingham Palace. Thousands of people in the streets of London cheered Friday afternoon as the royal newlyweds, Prince William and Kate Middleton , made their way back from a brief rest to Buckingham Palace for a buffet dinner and all-night party with about guests.

Middleton arrived at Buckingham Palace wearing a strapless white satin Sarah Burton evening gown with a circle skirt and diamante embroidered detail round the waist, according to The Associated Press.


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This Amsterdam Wedding Was An All-Night Party

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An expat bride and groom-to-be share their celebration secrets. Marisa Lowenstein writes.

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Behind Amsterdam’s thriving club scene, this ‘night mayor’ keeps the peace

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  • Casa Rosso Oudezijds Achterburgwal Not everybody can be in the mood for an up close and personal show like that found in the Banana Bar.
  • More than 1, soldiers, sailors and air crew are on duty to line the couple's procession route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, just under a mile away.
  • The Band of Welsh Guards marched along the procession route in their red uniforms and black fur hats.
  • Food and drink The Dutch have a very different idea of party food.
  • Princes William and Harry spent Thursday night with their father, Prince Charles, having a private dinner.
  • Explore Kate's Dress and Wedding Dresses of the House of Windsor Before retreating to Clarence House for their rest, William and Kate sealed their royal wedding with two kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as heart shaped balloons floated above cheering British subjects.

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How To Keep Your Wedding Party Going All Night

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How To Keep Your Wedding Party Going All Night

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Casa Rosso (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108)

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Scotland Yard Tackles Security at Royal Wedding

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This Amsterdam Wedding Was an All-Night Party

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This Amsterdam Wedding Was an All-Night Party occasionally

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Wedding an Party All-Night Was This Amsterdam

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This Amsterdam Wedding Was an All-Night Party

The ring and the romance Kensington Palace said that Windsor, a royal residence west of London, had become "a special place for the two of them.