These Wedding Trends Are On The Rise, All Thanks To Meghan Markle


The Meghan Markle effect is already in full swing, with us following every fashion move she makes. This will also be reflected in the wedding world in the same way it did with Kate and William in I think the one thing that strikes me with the young Royals is how they follow Royal protocol, yet manage to reflect their own personal style and keep it young and fresh. The key with all weddings is to make it personal, something that suits you both as individuals and also your families, and tailor your budget to what suits you as a couple, if you love cake invest in a showstopper that guests will talk about for years, love music?

Then let this be the theme of the day with live music acts subtly performing at every element.

These Wedding Trends Are On the Rise, All Thanks to Meghan Markle

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images There's a common misconception that most little girls dream about one day becoming a princess, with a prince who can sweep in to save the day and lead her into a life of luxury. For most of us, this is a mere fantasy, but occasionally for a precious few, the fairy tales of our childhoods can become reality.

American actress Meghan Markle is one of these lucky individuals.

Meghan Markle returns to 'Suits' ahead of royal wedding

These Are Meghan Markle's Best Outfits, Hands Down

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These Wedding Trends Are On The Rise, All Thanks To Meghan Markle

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These Are Meghan Markle's Best Outfits, Hands Down

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2018’s Hottest Wedding Trends

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2018’s Hottest Wedding Trends

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Encourage Charitable Donations Over Wedding Gifts

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These Wedding Trends Are On the Rise, All Thanks to Meghan Markle image

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  1. That allows people to mingle and have fun, instead of sitting on a table throughout the event.
  2. Specialists are even being brought in for curated food experiences — think elaborate display of gourmet donuts where guests get to customize their confection with a variety of glazes and toppings paired with professional baristas.
  3. In London, they key trend has been personalisation and conveying the personality of the couple through their wedding.
  4. That may seem really specific, but there are actually countless options available.

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Vuitton These Wedding Trends Are On the Rise, All Thanks to Meghan Markle Instagram, and bloggers

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Chosen Their Wedding Wine, and You Can Actually Afford It

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Chosen Their Wedding Wine, and You Can Actually Afford It

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sure Wedding Trends All On Rise, to Meghan the Markle Thanks These Are welcome! really

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These Wedding Trends Are On the Rise, All Thanks to Meghan Markle

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These Wedding Trends Are On the Rise, All Thanks to Meghan Markle for

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Wedding to Rise, Markle These Are the On All Trends Thanks Meghan

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These Wedding Trends Are On the Rise, All Thanks to Meghan Markle