The Royal Wedding Date Is An Issue For Prince William


Wedding dress of Kate Middleton The bridal dress, designed by the London-based designer Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen , [53] was made of satin and featured an overlaid lace bodice and appliqued skirt. The lace bodice incorporated machine-made lace, sourced from manufacturers in France and Britain. Floral motifs were cut from lengths of these and then appliquéd by hand onto silk net tulle by workers from the Royal School of Needlework.

The veil was held in place by a Cartier Scroll Tiara , made in and lent to her by the Queen.

The Royal Wedding Date Is an Issue for Prince William

The media and fans had a field day after Mel B revealed on The Real that the singers were attending Harry and Meghan's big day. When she was asked if the girl group was performing, she threw her cards in the air, replying, "I'm going to be fired. A Spice Girls rep would not comment on Mel B's latest interview.

Additionally, a source told ET that there is no plan for the Spice Girls to perform at the royal wedding.

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding date

The Royal Wedding Date Might Be an Issue for Prince William

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption Westminster Abbey has hosted royal coronations, weddings and funerals Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry on Friday 29 April at Westminster Abbey, Clarence House has announced.

Prime Minister David Cameron said it would be "a happy and momentous occasion". It will be marked by a public holiday across the UK.


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The Royal Wedding Date Is An Issue For Prince William

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The Royal Wedding Date Might Be an Issue for Prince William

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The Truth About Prince William & Kate's Marriage

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The Royal Wedding Date Is an Issue for Prince William places his

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The Royal Wedding Date Is an Issue for Prince William can see alessandra

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

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The Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton

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Royal wedding: What year did Kate Middleton and Prince William get married? What date?

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Royal wedding: What year did Kate Middleton and Prince William get married? What date?

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The Royal Wedding Date Is an Issue for Prince William

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Williams First The Royal Wedding Date Is an Issue for Prince William who Rafael Pavarotti?

Royal wedding date set for 29 April

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Date Wedding Is Royal for Issue Prince William The an

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The Royal Wedding Date Is an Issue for Prince William

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