The Pros And Cons Of A Wedding Day First Look (From Real Brides & Photographers!)


Guest writer and wedding photographer, Susan Stripling shares exactly what a first look is, her personal opinion, why this trend is so popular, as well as the pros and the cons. In the past few years a new wedding tradition has developed: From a timing perspective, the First Look has many pros and cons.

As a wedding photographer, I feel that it is my job to educate the clients about their options and not interject my personal feelings into their decision — after all, their day is about them and not me!

The Pros and Cons of a Wedding Day First Look (From Real Brides & Photographers!)

Most of our brides have a very vague idea of what a first look is and whether they want to do a wedding first look or not. While the bride debates the answers to these questions, the groom has another, much more simple question on his mind — What is a first look? See examples of a First Look in our Portfolio The first look is an intimate moment on the wedding day shared between the bride and the groom to see each other for the first time before the ceremony.

Here are a couple of questions we like to ask our couples — 1 What time is sunset?

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What is a first look? First Look Wedding Pros and Cons

Contact What is a first look? First Look Wedding Pros and Cons When considering your wedding photography timeline for the day, one of the first questions you will stumble upon is — Should I do a first look? Most of our brides have a very vague idea of what a first look is and whether they want to do a wedding first look or not.


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The Pros And Cons Of A Wedding Day First Look (From Real Brides & Photographers!)

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What is a first look? First Look Wedding Pros and Cons

A more private moment

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Unplugged, Plugged In, and Standby Weddings, How Wedding Guests & Wedding Photographers can co-exist

5 Reasons to have a first look (or not)

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What is a first look?

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Premium Photography Tutorials


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Common Questions I Get Asked as a Wedding Photographer

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Pros & Cons of Doing a First Look

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Alternatives to a First Look:

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The pros and cons of a ‘first look’

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The Pros and Cons of a Wedding Day First Look (From Real Brides & Photographers!)

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