Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight


World Pope marries flight attendant couple mid-flight Janet, an airline so secret the government has not yet acknowledged its existence, is in need of a new flight attendant. The job posting recently appeared on a website for AECOM, which operates a small fleet of planes that fly from McCarran International in Las Vegas to some of the most secretive government facilities in the country.

Today, he did it again with another papal first by marrying two flight attendants on board his flight from Santiago to Iquique.

Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight

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Papal marriage: Pope marries two flight attendants aboard flight

Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight

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Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight

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Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight

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Married aboard the papal plane

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Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight  Photoshop/Illustrator



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The Pope just officiated a wedding on the fly, so to speak

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The Pope just officiated a wedding on the fly, so to speak

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Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight

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In Chile, Pope Francis calls for greater compassion toward immigrants

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Just Chilean Francis Flight Married His Flight Pope  Two Attendants Onboard

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Pope Francis Just Married Two Flight Attendants Onboard His Chilean Flight

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