New York Fashion Week Dresses Perfect For Brides


The Star got an up-close look at the store and its inner workings. Excited bride-to-be Nicole Bazemore relied on her mother and maid of honour to help her decide to say yes to this Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld dress for her May wedding. Linda Barnard In a bridal season where white-white is rare, designer Dennis Basso is showing a brilliant red bridal gown.

Dresses are ordered from dress designers based on three measurements and require extensive tailoring to be a perfect fit. Article Continued Below It opens May 1.

New York Fashion Week Dresses Perfect for Brides

However, could you think of a better source of innovative ideas for your special day than the history-making designs seen in the latest fashion shows? Think glitter on your eyelids, a reinvented red lip and a rain of pastels everywhere! There are so many vivid, soft, subdued and loud options to choose from, that your New York-inspired wedding will make for a day to remember no matter what style you end up crafting.

Pink up your ensemble Photo by photo-nic.

BERTA S/S 2018 Bridal Collection - NY Runway Show

New York Bridal Fashion Week – April 2016

Dior is Staging a Fashion Show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Designers from Oscar de la Renta to Marchesa to Vera Wang to Jenny Packham recently showed their Spring bridal collections in New York City yes, the bridal collections are a season ahead of designer ready-to-wear collections, which can be a tad bit confusing , and there are more than enough drool-worthy options for every type of bride-to-be or wannabe bride-to-be.

Not all of these gowns are even white! There are seriously chic options in periwinkle and even taupe.


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New York Fashion Week Dresses Perfect For Brides

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New York Bridal Fashion Week – April 2016

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Pink, Purple, Blue and More: Hair Color Inspiration We’re ‘Dyeing’ To Try

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Pink, Purple, Blue and More: Hair Color Inspiration We’re ‘Dyeing’ To Try

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Inbal Dror Fall 2016 Bridal Collection New York Bridal Fashion Week

Imaginative accessories

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Imaginative accessories

A Stunning Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Shweshwe

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An Intimate Wedding With The Bride In A Custom Made Zama Zarth Dress

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New York Bridal Fashion Week 2018 - Reem Acra

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Modern wedding dresses for brides

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Modern wedding dresses for brides

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Rivini Wedding Dresses: 2 Piece

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Fashion Brides York Perfect New for Dresses Week isn't

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New York Fashion Week Dresses Perfect for Brides

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Best Places For Bridesmaids Dresses In New York City

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New York Fashion Week Dresses Perfect for Brides

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