Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 Of The Royal Couples Cutest Moments


James Middleton's 31st birthday There's another important birthday in the family! Kate's younger brother James turns 31 in April, just a couple of weeks before William and Kate's wedding anniversary and the arrival of their third child. The entrepreneur will most likely celebrate in private with his girlfriend Donna Air and his close friends and family.

Meghan's bachelorette party Before marrying Prince William in , Kate had a low-key hen night organized by her sister Pippa.

Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 of the Royal Couples Cutest Moments

As the Duchess of Cambridge turns 35 on Monday, we take a look at the 35 moments she can look forward to this year Pippa Middleton will tie the knot Kate's younger sister will have her moment in the spotlight when she says "I do" to her fiancé James Matthews in May Unlike Prince William and Kate's high-profile royal wedding in , Pippa's ceremony will be a private affair.

It will take place at St Marks' Church with the reception being held back at the Middleton's family home in Bucklebury, seven miles away.

Top 10 Reasons We Love Kate Middleton

Happy 34th Birthday to Kate Middleton: Let's All Celebrate by Dancing With the Duchess!

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Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 Of The Royal Couples Cutest Moments

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Happy 34th Birthday to Kate Middleton: Let's All Celebrate by Dancing With the Duchess!


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Top 5 'OMG' Royal Family Moments Of Prince Harry, Kate Middleton

All of Kate's New Zealand tour outfits

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All of Kate's New Zealand tour outfits

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Freja Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 of the Royal Couples Cutest Moments Philadelphia

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Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 of the Royal Couples Cutest Moments see this

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This year's contestants include 6 Olympians, an NBA legend and a World Series champ

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William and Kate: Into the Future

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Karl Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 of the Royal Couples Cutest Moments these

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December 2017: Annual Royal Christmas Card

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December 2017: Annual Royal Christmas Card

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Edition Couples Royal Birthday Happy Cutest Kate the Moments Middleton! 35 of Are Here Agnete Hegelund


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Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 of the Royal Couples Cutest Moments

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Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 of the Royal Couples Cutest Moments normal please update

Here Are Some Of The Royal Family’s Cutest Moments

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Birthday Kate Moments Couples the Middleton! Cutest Here Happy Are 35 of Royal

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Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! Here Are 35 of the Royal Couples Cutest Moments

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