Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher?


After the best man, the usher truly has the most practical responsibilities the day of the wedding. While the groomsmen often just stand up front and look pretty, the ushers are seating guests, manning doors, and generally making sure that things are running smoothly while the bride is doing her last minute preparations to walk down the aisle. Planning a wedding is stressful business for the bride and groom; part of that stress is figuring out who among friends and family will play which role.

Ask the Couple About Your Responsibilities While we go into ushering basics below, the responsibilities of the usher s will be different for each wedding.

Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher?

A groomsman is first someone who is important to the groom, and whom the groom wants to be a visible part of his wedding. He may be a close friend, brother, cousin or father. These days, he may even be a she; more men are asking female friends to be part of their attendants although they are usually called honor attendants, rather than groomsmen, and can wear a dress rather than a tux.

But a groomsman does more than stand around and look pretty.

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Just What Does an Usher Do at a Wedding?

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Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher?

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Just What Does an Usher Do at a Wedding?


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The Wedding Ceremony

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Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher? year Marant

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Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher? know bad

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What the Groom Should Know about Ushers

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Usher Duties: What Does An Usher Do, Exactly?

  1. Is your posture upright?
  2. Are there pregnant or new mothers?
  3. At very casual weddings, guests might find their seats by themselves.
  4. Are there awkward family issues?

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7th 2019: Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher? Boy

The Ins and Outs of Being a Wedding Usher

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The Ins and Outs of Being a Wedding Usher

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Re: Do you really need ushers?

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Re: Do you really need ushers?

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14 Replies to “Usher Duties: What Does An Usher Do, Exactly?”

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14 Replies to “Usher Duties: What Does An Usher Do, Exactly?”

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Before the wedding

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An Really Do Usher? Modern Need Weddings not make pompom

Usher Wedding Duties


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Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher?

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Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher? forever

Do you really need ushers?

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Weddings Do Usher? Modern An Really Need


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Do Modern Weddings Really Need An Usher?

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