8 Wedding Registry Items Perfect For Game Day Hosting


But how do you decide which unique details to include—and how do you even come up them in the first place? Behold, 75 distinctive ideas to put your own spin on. When it comes down to implementing unique touches in your wedding, place weight on two elements.

What represents you as a couple.

8 Wedding Registry Items Perfect for Game Day Hosting

Unless you specify that you do not wish for any wedding gifts from friends and family, having a registry allows your guests to pick from a selection of top wedding registry items that you would love in your new home. A registry takes the guesswork out of the task, giving your loved ones confidence that they are purchasing a meaningful gift that you will love. A wedding registry also helps keep tabs on which wedding registry items have already been purchased by another guest, saving you the hassle of having to return that fifth gravy dish from your great aunt once removed in Idaho.

Wedding Registry, FTW

50 Best Wedding Registry Ideas for Every Price Range

You get to do that too—just make sure you don't commit one of these registry missteps. Not Registering at All Trust us, your guests want to buy you gifts. And no, it's not tacky and it doesn't look like you're "asking" for things. Plus, registering for gifts saves you time and headaches—it tips guests off to your desperate need for matching towels or your love of colorful dinner plates, and it also ensures you won't get lots of things you don't want or need as in, no weird glass swan figurines from Aunt Jane.


But as soon as guests receive an invitation — whether it be for the engagement party, shower or wedding reception — they will start searching for the newlyweds' registry to get them the perfect gift. As a professional planner, I have found over the years that every aspect of a wedding flows much easier not to mention there are fewer questions!

Think of it as a way to build a home together and welcome the next chapter of your lives. There are many different registry options out there, from traditional department stores to fully online options like Zola.

8 Wedding Registry Items Perfect For Game Day Hosting

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50 Best Wedding Registry Ideas for Every Price Range

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Why Have a Wedding Registry?

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8 Wedding Registry Items Perfect for Game Day Hosting was great photographer

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Mistake 1: Not Registering at All

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Tips: Make the Best Wedding Registry

The Best Things We Registered for (and the Ones We'd Skip)

  • The large size and rustic charm of this basket makes it a great accent piece to your bathroom.
  • In case you need any more persuasion to register for your wedding, many wedding registries will send you a personal gift for registering with them.
  • Procrastinating on Thank-You Cards The most important part of receiving gifts is showing your gratitude.
  • Revisit it often and update it with additional selections as gifts are purchased to give guests a range to choose from.
  • We can tell you this, though — when everything aligns, their big day will be fabulous!
  • This last part is crucial—you don't want to be stuck with duplicate gifts or come back from your honeymoon to find out you only have days to exchange items you don't want.
  • The Platinum Magna suitcase makes a great gift for those set to travel the world together as a newly married couple.

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10 Macy's Registry Items for Making Your House Feel Like Home

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10 Macy's Registry Items for Making Your House Feel Like Home

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Showers & Parties

The Basics

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Game Registry for Hosting Wedding 8 Day Items Perfect this

Mistake 2: Waiting Too Long to Register


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8 Wedding Registry Items Perfect for Game Day Hosting

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Doing 8 Wedding Registry Items Perfect for Game Day Hosting trusty

10 Big Registry Etiquette Mistakes You Might Be Making

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Registry Day Wedding Perfect for 8 Hosting Game Items

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8 Wedding Registry Items Perfect for Game Day Hosting

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