7 Reasons To Consider Cartagena For Your Mini-Moon


Ever thought about retiring in Colombia? Now's the time to visit. Taganga, Colombia There was a time when few travelers visited Colombia, when the country was known mostly for cartels, conflicts, and coffee. But those days are over And these days, that cup of joe will cost you far less than any time in the last decade.

7 Reasons to Consider Cartagena for Your Mini-Moon

Read more A message to anyone in the middle of wedding planning, from the other side of experience: While it may start off as a plan B for couples who run out of time or money planning their wedding day, there are plenty of reasons to recommend the mini-moon in its own right.

Based on my own recent experience, the mini-moon is an once-in-a-lifetime bit of magic not to be missed.

Beautiful COLOMBIA Chillout & Lounge Mix Del Mar

7 Reasons Why A Wedding Planner In Cartagena Is Absolutely Worthy

Every year, thousands of travelers choose to volunteer abroad with International Volunteer HQ, the affordable and trusted volunteer travel organisation. Before joining this growing global community, there are a few things you should be aware of… 1. Instead, IVHQ volunteers are made to engage in learning exchanges with their host communities, while immersed in foreign cultures and working alongside locals to support community development projects.


In this situation I always recommend professional consulting since a wedding involves many details that must be ready in the defined place, at the scheduled time and with the right people. She will take care of all the details before, during and after the wedding A wedding planner will be your company throughout your wedding planning process which can last between 3 months and 1 year.

You may wonder, how will a wedding planner help me organize everything to get married in Cartagena? Here is the answer to this question.

7 Reasons To Consider Cartagena For Your Mini-Moon

It is a nation displaying a perfect balance between its historical past and its movement in to the future. Whether you are interested in learning Salsa or cooking some traditional Colombian fare, the country will surely give you more reasons to explore further. This sample itinerary starts in Bogota and ends in Cartagena.

These kind of prices make Colombia very affordable from the US, even if you are on a tight budget. Detailed day by day itinerary Colombia in 7 days:

7 Reasons Why A Wedding Planner In Cartagena Is Absolutely Worthy

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7 Reasons to Consider Cartagena for Your Mini-Moon would

1. You’ll be forced to ditch your standard vacation


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7 Reasons to Consider Cartagena for Your Mini-Moon clarify: this not

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  1. Talk to anyone who lives in Colombia and they'll tell you how weary they are of every article about Colombia mentioning the reign of Pablo Escobar.
  2. Book a cabin or a bed-and-breakfast and forget about the honeymoon until you arrive at your destination.
  3. Take the time to schedule interviews to know their work and make a good decision.
  4. You can also expect to see your confidence levels spike - whether that be confidence in traveling solo, speaking another language, perfecting a particular skill, or developing your intercultural communication skills.
  5. The Andes mountain range runs up the center of the western part of the country.

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7 Reasons to Consider Cartagena for Your Mini-Moon

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3 reasons to book a mini-moon after the wedding

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7 Reasons to Consider Cartagena for Your Mini-Moon

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