6 Conversations To Have With Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged


This can be a daunting task because many older individuals have complex health conditions. According to the National Council on Aging, almost 70 percent of seniors have two or more chronic diseases. As a result, they see an average of four different specialists a year. Taking a lot of different drugs can lead to troublesome side effects or drug interactions.

Having specialists who do not necessarily communicate with each other can lead to other complications.

6 Conversations to Have with Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. With all the Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's engagements, it probably seems like half of your friends are involved in a wedding in one way or the another. Everybody is either engaged, a member of the wedding party, a parent of an engaged child or making travel arrangements to attend a destination wedding.

With all the crazy going down, brides and grooms sometimes get ahead of themselves and -- feeling happy and like they can take on the world -- do and say things that cause them stress and consternation down the road.

When Your Mom Has The "Sex" Talk With You - Sex Lessons - POPxo

6 Conversations to Have with Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged

Either way, you already know there are a few touchy issues engaged couples are "supposed" to talk about before making it official. We asked a few seasoned couples' therapists to give us the prewedding conversation lowdown, below, and map out the tough discussions to have with your soon-to-be spouse before heading down the aisle.

Once you know the important conversations to have, you can determine the best approach for having these talks. With a premarital counselor, therapist or head of a religious institution is the most common, but for tech-minded millennials or those looking for a low-cost, convenient option, there's also Lasting.


Prioritize whom you tell first. Here's how to spill the beans with care. You're so excited you could run naked across a football field with the words, "We're getting hitched! But a little restraint can go a long way, and potentially ward off any hurt feelings. Here's who to tell, when and how when you're ready to start telling people, of course!

6 Conversations To Have With Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged

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6 Conversations to Have with Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged


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10 ways to have a better conversation

Parents or BFFs?

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Parents or BFFs?

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6 Conversations to Have with Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged stunning

Kids Come First


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1. Tell your parents

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Who, When and How to Tell Friends and Family About Your Engagement

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Who, When and How to Tell Friends and Family About Your Engagement

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2. Money and Your Careers

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2. Money and Your Careers

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Devil to Your Parents Right After You with Engaged Conversations Have 6 Get photos

2. Call your relatives


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6 Conversations to Have with Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged

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5 Conversations You Need to Have Before Getting Married

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Right Engaged 6 Parents You Get with Your to After Conversations Have

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6 Conversations to Have with Your Parents Right After You Get Engaged

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