Why Couples Choose A Charity Registry Instead Of Wedding Gifts


And 10 unique charities to consider for yours. More Traditionally, weddings themselves and the months leading up to them are bursting with generosity. There are engagement parties and bridal showers ; people spend hundreds on plane tickets and bedding sets ; friends and family members offer their time, support, and energy. So, in this time of great giving, what better time to give back?

Whether you make a donation to a cause in place of party favors or ask your guests to invest in a charity instead of a crock pot, a little selflessness can go a long way for many non-profits—and experts say the practice is becoming more and more popular for engaged couples.

Why Couples Choose A Charity Registry Instead of Wedding Gifts

Here are a few simple, affordable ideas. With these simple, affordable ideas, you can contribute to some very worthy charitable causes and nonprofit organizations but still leave plenty of time, energy and sanity to prepare for the big day. Incorporate a charity into your shower. Your bridesmaids can ask each guest to bring canned goods to donate to a nearby food bank.

Harry and Meghan ask for donations instead of wedding gifts and name seven charities to benefit

Giving Charity Donations as Wedding Favors

By Kristie Lorette McCauley Certified Wedding and Event Planner I Do Foundation place card favor On a day when couples are showered with love and gifts from friends and family, many couples like to give back to their guests in the form of wedding favors. Instead of giving guests standard trinkets, such as candies, candles or pictures frames, some couples choose to make charitable donations in the names of their guests.

Charitable Resources Online sources make it easy for brides and grooms to make charitable donations in lieu of wedding favors.


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Why Couples Choose A Charity Registry Instead Of Wedding Gifts

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Giving Charity Donations as Wedding Favors

How to Choose a Charity

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Wedding Events Blog

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Harry and Meghan ask for donations instead of wedding gifts and name seven charities to benefit

Charitable Resources

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Charitable Resources

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Why Couples Choose A Charity Registry Instead of Wedding Gifts could damaging for

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How to Get the Gifts You Want at Your Wedding

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The Essential Guide to Buying Wedding Gifts

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The Essential Guide to Buying Wedding Gifts

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Why Couples Choose A Charity Registry Instead of Wedding Gifts

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Klein Why Couples Choose A Charity Registry Instead of Wedding Gifts Kate

11 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

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Why Couples Choose A Charity Registry Instead of Wedding Gifts

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