What Should I Expect At A French Wedding?


By Staff Writer Gifts If you are lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding in France this summer, or are planning to get married in France, you want the event to be memorable for the right reasons. Here are a few pointers on wedding and dining etiquette to avoid the most common faux pas!

Flowers Generally white flowers are the choice for weddings, though some would hesitate at including white lilies as they are often used at funerals. I got a very funny look from my florist when I asked for sunflowers and lavender for my bouquet — at the time, in that part of rural France, they were very much considered to be agricultural crops rather like carrying a bunch of broccoli!

What Should I Expect at a French Wedding?

Do you have a facility director? If so, will he be there on my wedding day? A facility director is like the man behind the curtain at the reception.

Bustle princess wedding dress - traditional french bustle

8 Things You Can Experience At A Muslim Wedding

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. No really, it is. A good wedding planner not only has to have good business sense and excellent organizational skills, but she also has to be able to see the brides' and grooms' visions for their perfect days and know how to execute them. Experienced professional wedding planners know exactly what they're doing and have planned for every contingency.


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What Should I Expect At A French Wedding?

What to Expect at a Typical French Wedding? July 16, July 24, In May, we were invited to the wedding un mariage, note only one R of my dear cousin Coralie and her fiancé Thibaud. As I was describing the ceremony etc… to my Skype students, I was surprised to see how fun it was for them, and all the questions they asked about a typical French wedding.

So I decided to share the experience with you — and re-live this magical day in a blog post:

8 Things You Can Experience At A Muslim Wedding

2 – French Wedding Party and Dress Code

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David et Mai Pour Toujours: A French-Filipino Wedding

Food & Drink

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Food & Drink

1 – Announcing Your Wedding in France

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What Should I Expect at a French Wedding? the power


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A French Wedding in 6 Steps

7 Things to Expect at a Bridal Show

  • We run home to shower and make ourselves look like professionals and then return back to the venue hours ahead of the wedding to finish all the little details.
  • Here are five examples of what should and should not happen when you've hired a professional:
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  • Reception halls generally allow you ample time for this.
  • What's the backup plan?
  • Some wedding pros believe head-to-toe black is most appropriate, and that's true in major cities.
  • Also very popular, and thought of as a more typical French wedding cake, is the croquembouche — an outrageously delicious pyramid of caramel covered profiteroles!

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What to Expect at a Typical French Wedding?

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What to Expect at a Typical French Wedding?

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What Should I Expect at a French Wedding?

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What Should I Expect at a French Wedding? realised there

What Should I Expect at a French Wedding?

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What Should I Expect at a French Wedding?