This Brave Bride Tied The Knot In A Wedding 400 Feet Above A Utah Canyon


A thrill-seeking California couple marked their marital union in high-flying fashion last year by getting married on a net suspended feet above a Utah canyon. Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin first fell in love in Moab years ago while attending the high-lining festival, GGBY, which attracts adventurous climbers from around the world every year, and even got engaged at the festival last year.

So, when it came to saying 'I do,' the couple thought GGBY would be the perfect place to make things official - and it was nothing short of spectacular. Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin of California tied the knot above a canyon in Moab, Utah, with the help of a massive space net Daredevil couple:

This Brave Bride Tied the Knot in a Wedding 400 Feet Above a Utah Canyon

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Lodi couple’s viral wedding photos show ceremony 400 feet above canyon

A Hometown Celebration in Westchester County, New York

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This Brave Bride Tied The Knot In A Wedding 400 Feet Above A Utah Canyon

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A Hometown Celebration in Westchester County, New York

The American Couple’s Surreal Wedding Photos Has Blown Away The Entire World

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Incredible Slackline Wedding Above Canyon

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This Brave Bride Tied the Knot in a Wedding 400 Feet Above a Utah Canyon your big

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This Brave Bride Tied the Knot in a Wedding 400 Feet Above a Utah Canyon

The American Couple’s Surreal Wedding Photos Has Blown Away The Entire World

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Funny This Brave Bride Tied the Knot in a Wedding 400 Feet Above a Utah Canyon never

Newlyweds Who Fell Off Convertible on Wedding Night Get Another Try With 'CHiPs' Star's Help

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Above a Tied a Brave the Feet This in Utah Bride Knot Canyon Wedding 400

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