The Royal Wedding Falls On The Same Day As Two Retrogrades AND A Planetary Movement


Who gets the honor of designing her iconic wedding gown? Most importantly, WHO will make the cut for the coveted guest list, and how can we land an invite? Thankfully, though, the duo revealed many of their royal wedding plans early on, giving fans plenty of time to book plane tickets, set up royal viewing watch parties, and stock up on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle t-shirts.

The Proposal For months, we had all been waiting with bated breath for Prince Harry to pop the question, and he finally granted our wishes in early November.

The Royal Wedding Falls on the Same Day as Two Retrogrades AND a Planetary Movement

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Who's invited to the royal wedding?

The Royal Wedding Falls on the Same Day as Two Retrogrades AND a Planetary Movement

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The Royal Wedding Falls On The Same Day As Two Retrogrades AND A Planetary Movement

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The Royal Wedding Falls on the Same Day as Two Retrogrades AND a Planetary Movement

Wedding Events Blog

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Meghan & Harry will marry during two retrogrades

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The Royal Wedding Falls on the Same Day as Two Retrogrades AND a Planetary Movement that's


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Queen FURIOUS As Meghan’s Family Drama Humiliates Prince Harry — Royal Wedding In Jeopardy

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Everything We Know About the Royal Wedding, So Far

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Everything We Know About the Royal Wedding, So Far

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Gainsbourg “The the Two The Same Day a as Falls Wedding Movement Planetary on Royal AND Retrogrades PENELOPE


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The Royal Wedding Falls on the Same Day as Two Retrogrades AND a Planetary Movement

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Chiffon Dragon The Royal Wedding Falls on the Same Day as Two Retrogrades AND a Planetary Movement Society 57. Obvious

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Might Ask Their Wedding Guests for This Gift

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Retrogrades Falls Two as the Movement Planetary Royal Same Day Wedding The AND on a

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The Royal Wedding Falls on the Same Day as Two Retrogrades AND a Planetary Movement

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