Surprise! Michael Cera Is Married!


Tweet on Twitter Continuing with my look at the income of the cast of Arrested Development with arguably the most successful alumni of the cult show, Michael Cera. I saw him in Arrested Development before watching any of the flicks he starred in, even though they were kinda blowing up around that time, and it was his terrific performance on AD that made me want to watch the block buster comedies he was showing up in.

He plays George Michael on the show, which is funny for an episode or too, but just becomes normal as the show goes on. Since AD he has had a varied and, of course, lucrative career on television, but especially in film.

Surprise! Michael Cera is Married!

Why Michael Cera doesn't get many movie offers anymore Getty Images Amanda June Bell amandajunebell In the mid-aughts, Michael Cera rode a wave of critical success and audience popularity, courtesy of his central turn in the cult television series Arrested Development and his back-to-back box office smashes Superbad and Juno.

The actor cornered the market on mealy-mouthed hipsters for a spell, but his career has since been through a major metamorphosis—and it includes far fewer starring roles. If you're like us, you've been missing Cera, and might be wondering why Hollywood's dialed back on his celebrity status lately. Here's why you don't seem onscreen as much anymore…and how he might turn it around.

Michael Cera Is Married! See His Wedding Ring

Michael Cera Net Worth 2018- How Rich is the Superbad Actor?

Illustrated Me and Cera: A Big Surprise Me and Cera: A Big Surprise by hfernandez © This story is a complete work of fiction.


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Surprise! Michael Cera Is Married!

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Michael Cera Net Worth 2018- How Rich is the Superbad Actor?

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Celebrity New : Michael Cera Is Married! See His Wedding Ring

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Is Michael Cera Married? New Photos with Wedding Rings Emerge!

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Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cera Used to Date, Almost Got Married in Vegas Like Two Crazy Kids

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Surprise! Michael Cera is Married!

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