Sharon Stone And Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged


Share this article Share Keeping his cool in the Florida heat Stone's handsome beau wore some denim shorts while matching his lady love with a hairband to pull his dark locks back. The year-old real estate mogul has been seen kissing his lady love all over the world, most recently in New York, according to Ilsussidiario. In an interview in the new issue of Grazia magazine Sharon refused to say whether she was in a relationship but said she won't be indulge in a romance unless it is an 'actual partnership.

The couple weren't afraid to pack on the PDA as they kissed during sunset Affectionate: Stone's handsome beau protectively put his hand on her lower back Loved up:

Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged

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Is Sharon Stone Engaged? Actress Sparks Rumors After Rocking Diamond Ring on Beach!

Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged

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Sharon Stone And Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged

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Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged


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Is Sharon Stone engaged again?

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Is Sharon Stone engaged again?

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Sharon Stone flashes diamond ring on her left hand with Angelo Boffa

Stars support Uma Thurman after her explosive revelations

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Stars support Uma Thurman after her explosive revelations

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Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged new season

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The actress celebrated her 60th birthday in Miami while rocking a large diamond ring.

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Is Sharon Stone Engaged to Much Younger Man?

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Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged where

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Is Sharon Stone Engaged? Actress Spotted with Diamond Ring During Beach Outing with Boyfriend

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Is Sharon Stone Engaged? Actress Spotted with Diamond Ring During Beach Outing with Boyfriend

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Have Engaged Gotten Stone and Sharon Angelo Boffa May Just Years


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Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged

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Premiere Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged And the people

Sharon Stone Is Not Engaged But Here Are 9 Things to Know About Her New Boyfriend

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Gotten Sharon Just Engaged Have and Angelo Boffa May Stone

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Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa May Have Just Gotten Engaged

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