Paris Hilton Will Probably Have Three Weddings Around The World, Because Why Wouldnt She?


Sarah Taylor thesarahdtaylor Stassi Reid Paris Hilton was once the toast of the town and perhaps one of Hollywood's most famous socialites. Whether you loved her or hated her, you'd see her face everywhere. Even her leaked sex tape seemed to kick off a plethora of other celebrity sex tapes, practically setting a precedent that the scandalous footage was somehow en vogue.

Hilton has been a best-selling author, actress, model, brand ambassador, DJ, and a veritable household name, but why haven't we heard much from her lately? Here's a few reasons why she may be skirting the spotlight.

Paris Hilton Will Probably Have Three Weddings Around the World, Because Why Wouldnt She?

Share this article Share Aside from flaunting her extravagant engagement ring, the Stars are Blind singer wore a colorful rainbow-dyed dress that was just as loud. She wore numerous accessories, including a gaudy red necklace, a diamond watch, large square sunglasses, a fedora-style hat, and nude-colored flats.

In contrast, her fiance's outfit was much more subdued, as he wore all black and kept the accessories minimal, wearing only a cap and black sunglasses.

5 Wedding Traditions You WON'T Believe Actually Exist! #2

Paris Hilton

Life and career — She was raised in the Catholic faith. Her paternal great-grandfather was Conrad Hilton , who founded Hilton Hotels.


The Leftovers star popped the question to his soon-to-be bride atop a picturesque ski slope at an Aspen resort, sliding a diamond onto her finger that would have made Liberace drool look it up, millennials. Honestly, the rock is pretty on par with what anyone would expect for the flashy socialite, but still, people can't stop talking about it. Here's all the inside dirt on the hotel heiress's hefty new hardware.

Speaking with The Knot , Greene said "the center stone is a little bit over 20 carats… and the stones around the ring are just under 2 carats. It's more than you or I could ever afford, and it's the size of a small Buick.

Paris Hilton Will Probably Have Three Weddings Around The World, Because Why Wouldnt She?

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Paris Hilton

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Her sex tape still haunts her

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Her sex tape still haunts her

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Paris Hilton And Chris Zylka At LAX After Revealing She Wants THREE Weddings

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Unkown carriages Paris Hilton Will Probably Have Three Weddings Around the World, Because Why Wouldnt She? see you

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Paris Hilton Wants a Couple of Weddings, Plus: Her Family Plans with Chris Zylka

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Paris Hilton Is in Love and Wants to Tell You All About It

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Paris Hilton Is in Love and Wants to Tell You All About It

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Zylka designed it to look like her mother's ring

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Paris Hilton claims she was ‘trapped’ into ‘playing a ditzy airhead’ for years

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Paris Hilton claims she was ‘trapped’ into ‘playing a ditzy airhead’ for years

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She? Paris Why Wouldnt the Weddings World, Have Three Hilton Will Probably Around Because the one

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Paris Hilton Will Probably Have Three Weddings Around the World, Because Why Wouldnt She?

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Where Each Member Of The Kardashian Family Would Be Today If Kim Never Made A Sex Tape

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Why Because Paris She? World, the Probably Have Weddings Hilton Wouldnt Around Three Will

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Paris Hilton Will Probably Have Three Weddings Around the World, Because Why Wouldnt She?

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