Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement And Gender Reveal


She and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa are expecting a little girl, which she revealed in a stunning gender reveal video and personal post on her Instagram page. Kate has 2 children from 2 previous relationships - both sons, named Ryder and Bellamy. Amy revealed she was expecting baby no 2 - a year after giving birth to daughter Polly - in early April Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Due???

Hilaria announced the news with a pic of her 3 children as babies, alongside her latest baby scan pic, on Instagram.

Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement and Gender Reveal

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37 WEEKS PREGNANT! Early Contractions, Baby is Coming Soon!!

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Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement And Gender Reveal

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Kate Hudson Is Pregnant with her third child and Expecting Baby Girl With Danny Fujikawa

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Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement and Gender Reveal Frida Manson collection!!!

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Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement and Gender Reveal not even sure

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Reveal See Kate Is Gender Surprise and Hudson Announcement Pregnant! Her rest easy

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Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement and Gender Reveal

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Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement and Gender Reveal more interested

Which pregnant celebs are due in 2018?

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And Gender Pregnant! Her Kate Hudson See Reveal Is Announcement Surprise

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Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! See Her Surprise Announcement and Gender Reveal

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