• Married Women Are More Comfortable Being Nude

    Married Women Are More Comfortable Being Nude

    August 6, We come into the world naked, so treat it as a natural thing. If you are going to be a true naughty girl and live the naughty lifestyle, you have to be comfortable with your naked body. Being able to appreciate your body and be comfortable in your own skin is a mark of someone who has confidence..

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  • A Grand Destination Wedding in France

    A Grand Destination Wedding In France

    Located in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, it is very popular with Longchamp racecourse goers and with a Michelin star to its name, the Haute cuisine restaurant is classed as one of the top tables in Paris with its romantic and beautiful dining setting under spectacular chandeliers. True to Paris, this restaurant is quite expensive but it does offer private rooms for weddings and we think it is well worth a look.

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  • Bridal Oscar Dresses in History: Our Favorite Oscars Red Carpet Dresses

    Bridal Oscar Dresses In History: Our Favorite Oscars Red Carpet Dresses

    She played it off in typical J-Law fashion — through self-deprecating humor and charisma — and with that, Lawrence's Hollywood star power was solidified. But was also the year Ben Affleck's Argo took home Best Picture, Anne Hathaway's earnest acceptance speech made the entire internet made for no real reason, Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Oscar, and Ang Lee scored his second Best Director statuette for a film you may or may not remember. In summary, the Academy Awards were weird.

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