• Forced Marriages Are Driving Women to Murder in Pakistan

    Forced Marriages Are Driving Women To Murder In Pakistan

    United Kingdom "We have kidnappings, abductions, assaults, sexual offences. Anything that you can imagine could happen, does happen, in the name of honour," says Nazir Afzal, Crown Prosecutor for the north-west of England. And murder - 10 to 12 cases a year.

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  • A Winter Destination Wedding in Jamaica

    A Winter Destination Wedding In Jamaica

    Request a Wedding Recite your vows amidst a backdrop of striking golden sky reflected off gentle turquoise waters. Dance the night away under dimly-lit lanterns as palm trees sway in the evening breeze.

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  • A Bespoke Miami Wedding with Meaning

    A Bespoke Miami Wedding With Meaning

    From the first meeting I had with her I could tell she was just the sweetest, most genuine person. She also knows everything there is about all flowers and plants.

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  • Wedding Hairstyle Ideas, According to Your Personality

    Wedding Hairstyle Ideas, According To Your Personality

    Under  Trendy Hairstyles Hairstyle according to persona: Fashion trends and styles which we adopt are demonstration of your personality and taste. It to define your exact personality, you must select apt trends and styles according to your personality..

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