Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies To Refuse LGBTQ Couples


Some states still have barriers for married gay couples looking to adopt from foster care. As soon as Daniel Nurse met baby Cameron in , he knew he wanted to adopt him. But going about adopting Cameron proved challenging for Nurse and his husband, Casanova. While same-sex couples have long been able to adopt from private, gay-friendly adoption agencies, adopting children from the foster care system has proved more difficult in some states.

Supreme Court decision in June that made same-sex marriage legal nationwide is changing that, but not everywhere—particularly in states with laws that limit joint adoption to a husband and wife.

Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies to Refuse LGBTQ Couples

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Hollywood Threatens To Boycott Georgia Over Anti-LGBTQ Bill

Senate alters adoption bill, prompting discrimination charge

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Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies To Refuse LGBTQ Couples

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Senate alters adoption bill, prompting discrimination charge


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Republicans To Deny Gay Adoptions

It's another religious exemption law

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It's another religious exemption law

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Its better Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies to Refuse LGBTQ Couples didn't know

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The book Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies to Refuse LGBTQ Couples really

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Georgia Republicans want to give adoption agencies the right to turn away gay couples

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Georgia Republicans want to give adoption agencies the right to turn away gay couples

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

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Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies to Refuse LGBTQ Couples

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I'm not Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies to Refuse LGBTQ Couples does the

Ga. governor signs LGBT ‘neutral’ adoption bill

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Couples Georgia Refuse Bill to Allows Adoption Agencies LGBTQ

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Georgia Bill Allows Adoption Agencies to Refuse LGBTQ Couples

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