Chicago West Makes Her Debut In Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video


Kylie Jenner's Epic Pregnancy Video: Along with the announcement of her daughter's birth on Instagram  on Sunday, Jenner also posted a lengthy YouTube video showing intimate moments from the past nine months of her pregnancy. The video kicks off with home movies of her mother, Kris Jenner, in the delivery room, with a newborn Kylie in her arms. She continues,"Your mother and father met, and they hit it off.

Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video

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Chicago West Is Debuted in Kylie Jenner's Baby and Pregnancy Video

Baby Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Video

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Chicago West Makes Her Debut In Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video

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Baby Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Video

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Kylie Jenner Gives Birth + Chicago West Makes Grand Debut - Trending Now

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Are Armani Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video womenswear



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Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video Fashion

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Kylie Jenner Gives Birth And Documents Her Pregnancy Journey

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Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video confirmed it

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WATCH: Kylie Jenner’s Video Shows Newborn & Chicago West

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WATCH: Kylie Jenner’s Video Shows Newborn & Chicago West

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Ive bought Kylie Debut Jenners Chicago Her Video Makes Pregnancy in West armani

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Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video

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Korean.. Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video didnt

Chicago West makes public debut

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Kylie Makes Jenners West in Her Debut Pregnancy Video Chicago

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Chicago West Makes Her Debut in Kylie Jenners Pregnancy Video