Are Avocado Proposals Actually A Thing?


The latest marriage proposal trend people are trying is cutting an avocado in half to look like a box and hiding an engagement ring on the inside Some people are obsessed with the idea of being proposed to with the fruit While others are completely repulsed by the idea of a mushy engagement ring By Olivia Elgart For Dailymail. Couples are taking their love for the green superfood to a whole new level and instead of classic ring boxes people are carving the pit out of the avocado and replacing it with an engagement ring to pop the question to their partners.

While some people are completely repulsed by the idea others are totally on board and avocado proposals are popping up all over social media with people shoving a diamond ring into the gooey core of the fruit. The latest wedding proposal trend that's popping up all over social media is the avocado proposal like this one by food stylist Colette Dike Yes!

Are Avocado Proposals Actually a Thing?

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Avocado Proposals Are A Thing Now

Millennials are using avocados to propose in this really adorable way

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Are Avocado Proposals Actually A Thing?

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Millennials are using avocados to propose in this really adorable way

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Avocado proposals

Other people have posted similar photos.

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Other people have posted similar photos.

What's an avocado proposal?

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Are Avocado Proposals Actually a Thing? Rech

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From The WTF Files: Inside Instagram’s Avocado Marriage Proposals

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From The WTF Files: Inside Instagram’s Avocado Marriage Proposals

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frozen things Actually Proposals a Avocado Thing? Are i've heard that

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Are Avocado Proposals Actually a Thing?

Surprise! You've been avocadoed!

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Avocado Wedding Proposals Are Now A Thing, Because We’ve Officially Reached Peak Millennial

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A Thing? Avocado Are Proposals Actually

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Are Avocado Proposals Actually a Thing?

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