A Brooklyn Bash All About Love


Tweet Share On the heels of its recent announcement to expand programming with over new original hours, Ovation, America's only arts network, is charging into summer with four new original series: Featuring an "after-the-show" format, the series presents a panel of theater veterans, fans, Broadway hopefuls and special guests taking a behind-the-scenes look at each episode, plotline, character, song and performance on that night's episode.

Since no discussion about SMASH is complete without an examination of Broadway, past and present, panelists and guests discuss and review the latest productions in NYC and across the country. Broadway Bash's panel will share stories about experiences they've had as aspiring actors, producers, and writers.

Each week, the show will welcome a very special guest involved in the making of SMASH, such as cast regulars, composers of the show's songs, costume designers and producers.

A Brooklyn Bash All About Love

Their desire for adventure, the solitude in space, and their storied longings for loved ones far away provide metaphorical  inspiration for this new gallery show that he has been developing for weeks. Spray paint stenciled on wood panel. To prepare for the new space exploration he has resolved to push himself far above where he has gone before to create a new body of work that is the most technically complex he has ever made, using up to 80 layers of cut stencils to create new paintings.

The 815- Candy Land Official Video Prod By- @Zaytovenbeatz

List of songs about New York City

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. In this image there are two black and white photos set side by side. The photo on the left is of Madonna nude taken by photographer Steven Meisel.


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A Brooklyn Bash All About Love

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List of songs about New York City


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Bash The Entertainer 'what are those' COMPILATION!! Hilarious reaction video

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A Brooklyn Bash All About Love know

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A Brooklyn Bash All About Love Carey Mulligan

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She Want All Bash | Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn | Friday, 01. September 2017

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She Want All Bash | Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn | Friday, 01. September 2017

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