6 Tips For Navigating Your B-List Wedding Guest List


Jeannine did an exceptional job with the article and I encourage you all to go read it! I was delighted to share a few of my tips and advice, along with a two other vancouver wedding planners. Today, I wish to share my extended thoughts with some practical, hands on tools for navigating the subject effectively. When does a bride need to have a B list? Be it your venue restrictions, a tight budget or endless extended family, there are many reasons couples look to the B-list method.

6 Tips for Navigating Your B-List Wedding Guest List

We'll help you beat it with these tips. Decide how you'll divvy up the list—before accepting financial help. We won't tiptoe around the truth: Making a guest list can get messy, especially if one or both sets of parents are involved in the planning or contributing financially.


10 Tips for Putting Together a Wedding Guest List

Unless you've got unlimited funds, there's no way you've ever going to be able to send out an invite to every single person you like. While it would be amazing to have everyone you know and love in attendance, even couples with the biggest of budgets have to draw the line somewhere. Rest assured that a guest list that is bulging at the seems is a common wedding planning occurrence, and believe it or not it can be remedied somewhat painlessly.


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6 Tips For Navigating Your B-List Wedding Guest List

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10 Tips for Putting Together a Wedding Guest List

2. Talk with close family members (namely your parents!) about who they’d like to invite.

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Anna Post helps you navigate your guest list with grace.

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Anna Post helps you navigate your guest list with grace.

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Dealing with the wedding guest list

1. Decide how you'll divvy up the list—before accepting financial help.

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1. Decide how you'll divvy up the list—before accepting financial help.

Wedding Guest list tip #1: Draw up your ideal list

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2. Use a system that's collaborative.


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6 Tips for Navigating Your B-List Wedding Guest List

  • If you're tempted to invite even more people on a whim later, go back to this list as a reality check.
  • To reiterate my above concerns, remember that B-list success depends largely on your ability to time your invitation batches, be discreet in execution and effectiveness in grouping social circles.
  • Are there any warnings for brides considering a B list?
  • If neither of you has spoken to them in three years and they're not related to you, don't invite them.
  • While this method is practical, it can be extremely slow in turn, depending largely on the rate at which people respond.

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7 Tips for Tackling Your Wedding Guest List

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7 Tips for Tackling Your Wedding Guest List

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1. Know the type of wedding that you want—and how much you can spend.

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1. Know the type of wedding that you want—and how much you can spend.

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Wedding Guest list tip #2: Give priority

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Wedding Guest list tip #2: Give priority

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The Basics

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6 Tips for Navigating Your B-List Wedding Guest List

Showers & Parties

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Etiquette Rules for Managing Guest Lists

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B-List Navigating List 6 Tips Wedding for Your Guest

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6 Tips for Navigating Your B-List Wedding Guest List

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