35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings


Tradition has it that flower girls throw petals from a basket down the aisle leading the bride to her groom. Nowadays, Churches can be strict on what you can use in the Church so this poses the first problem with the tradition. However, there are so many different and unique accessorises that you could give your special little ones. Lets bend tradition a little and introduce some new ideas!

This would be very effective in an outdoor setting.

35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings

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35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings

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Wedding Games for Girls

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Adorable flower girl in wedding

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That turban 35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings Only

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Blouses/sweater 35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings own

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Flower girl tips: duties of a flower girl

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Flower girl tips: duties of a flower girl

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Flower Girl Hairstyles

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From Real Weddings Adorable Flower 35 Girls FURY spilled

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35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings

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Love see 35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings Sheila Metzner Models

35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings

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Flower 35 Girls From Real Weddings Adorable


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