27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride


Our Top Wedding Flower Tips Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But it's not as simple as picking your favorite flowers and requesting them in your wedding colors sorry! These basics will help you get up to speed so you can talk flowers with your florist and get the look you're after. There are two main things you'll want to know: If, for example, you're marrying in a park, botanical garden or vineyard, the flowers can be kept to a minimum meaning you can make a big impression with fewer flowers.

27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride

If you are planning to have a ring bearer or flower girl, they will also need flowers and petals. Fresh flowers look beautiful as centerpieces, decorating aisles, in archways and as reception décor. They are also gorgeous when added to things like bridal and bridesmaid hair and the wedding cake. The amount of flowers you want to include in your wedding is entirely up to your discretion, but keep in mind that the amount you have and the type you choose directly affect cost, and flower costs can add up very quickly.

Sunflower Series: How to Make a Sunflower Bouquet


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27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride

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The Basics

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Let Your Venue Influence Your Florals

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Let Your Venue Influence Your Florals

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How To Preserve A Bouquet Of Flowers

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

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D-I-Y Floral Design Classes


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27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride also

Get the look you’re after

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How To Make (The Best) Bouquet

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Wedding Flowers Sydney

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Wedding Flowers Sydney

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Rhinestone Bouquets

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How to create a rustic bridal bouquet


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Wedding Flowers

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Turquoise Wedding Bouquet

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27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride

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