The Ultimate Guide To Toasting With Sparkling Wine


So, how do you get in on the action without breaking the bank? We asked our favorite wine expert, Whitney Adams of Brunellos Have More Fun , to hook us up with the best sparklers at the biggest bargains, and some key tips to steer you away from that same bottle of supermarket champers. She walks us through five types of sparkling wine you need to know now and her top picks for every bubbly pouring occasion.

Then we set you up with our favorite spots in L. And, as if this hit-list isn't enough to make anyone's head spin, all of this talk of tipsy-time inspired us to create an easy, crowd-pleasing champagne cocktail for you to serve pre-game, anyone?

The Ultimate Guide to Toasting With Sparkling Wine

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A Champagne and Sparkling Wine Lesson from Whitney Adams

Get The Best Champagne Buzz This NYE With Our Ultimate Toasting Guide!

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The Ultimate Guide To Toasting With Sparkling Wine

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Get The Best Champagne Buzz This NYE With Our Ultimate Toasting Guide!

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Battle of the Bubbles: Prosecco, Cava & Champagne

Nonalcoholic Options

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Nonalcoholic Options

Choosing the Right Champagne and Wine

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The Ultimate Guide to Toasting With Sparkling Wine surprising about Yun

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How to Choose Your Reception Toasting Drink

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How to Choose Your Reception Toasting Drink

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The Ultimate Guide to Toasting With Sparkling Wine

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Ultimate Toasting Sparkling Guide With Wine The to

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