So Your Friend Wants To Be A Bridesmaid After All


As a bridesmaid, what are my traditional duties? Will the bride tell me what she wants me to do? Some brides send out a newsletter detailing all of the to-dos and other essential information. This way, everyone is privy to everyone else's duties, and no one will feel as though she's being directly targeted.

So Your Friend Wants to be a Bridesmaid After All

Here's our crash course on creating your perfect wedding party. Think twice before you ask. Once you've asked someone to be in your wedding party , you can't go back. So while it may be tempting to ask all of your favorite friends to be in your wedding party the minute you get engaged, don't.

Bridesmaids (2/10) Movie CLIP - The Engagement Party (2011) HD

How Do I Tell a Friend She’s Not One of My Bridesmaids?

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So Your Friend Wants To Be A Bridesmaid After All

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How Do I Tell a Friend She’s Not One of My Bridesmaids?

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Think twice before you ask.

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Think twice before you ask.

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Friends - Monica's maid of honor, Phoebe & Rachel's audition

So what if you don’t actually want to add one more bridesmaid to the squad?

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So what if you don’t actually want to add one more bridesmaid to the squad?

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Your So Your Friend Wants to be a Bridesmaid After All that Von? don't


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So Your Friend Wants to be a Bridesmaid After All for

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So Your Friend Wants to be a Bridesmaid After All

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So Your Friend Wants to be a Bridesmaid After All

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So Your Friend Wants to be a Bridesmaid After All

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The High-Cost of Being a Bridesmaid and What To Do About It

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All a Your Bridesmaid Friend So After to be Wants

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