Princess Eugenie Is Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank


Buckingham Palace announced on Monday morning that the Queen's granddaughter became engaged to Mr Brooksbank in Nicaragua earlier this month. Princess Eugenie's parents, the Duke of York and his former wife Sarah Duchess of York, were "delighted" to announce the engagement, while Mr Brooksbank's parents said they were "completely over the moon".

In a series of Twitter posts after the announcement, the Duchess of York posted a picture of the couple overlaid with the words: Eugenie is one of the finest people I know and so together it will be pure harmony". A Buckingham Palace spokesman said the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh "are very pleased and wish the couple all the best" following their engagement announcement.

Princess Eugenie Is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

Share this article Share At the end of September, Eugenie, the second child of the Duke and Duchess of York, moved across the Atlantic to start a new job with auction house Paddle8, based in Little Italy. Friends say Eugenie was initially apprehensive about the move.

Aside from British model and socialite Poppy Delevingne, she had few close friends in the city. Eugenie and Jack during his visit to see her in New York in October.

Princess Eugenie is engaged to boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie Is Engaged to Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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Princess Eugenie Is Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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Princess Eugenie Is Engaged to Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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ANOTHER ROYAL WEDDING!!!!! Princess Eugenie is engaged to boyfriend Jack Brooksbank


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Princess Eugenie is engaged to her long-time boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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Princess Eugenie to marry boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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U.K.’s Princess Eugenie engaged to longtime boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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U.K.’s Princess Eugenie engaged to longtime boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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Princess Eugenie Is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

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Princess Eugenie Is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank guessing

Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew, engaged

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Engaged Is Jack to Boyfriend Princess Brooksbank Longtime Eugenie

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Princess Eugenie Is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank