Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million And Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less


Chris Rock fans have been asked to "take one night off from being the paparazzo of your own life" and to just enjoy his show without having to film it. Legions of Rock fans heading to his shows at London's O2 Arena over the weekend can look forward to having their phones put into a special pouch, Sky News is reporting.

The comedian has said the use of the devices has become a "major intrusion" on the integrity of his performances as a working comic. The attendees keep the pouches with them at all times during the show and then are unlocked as they leave.

Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million and Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less

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Paris Hilton Lost (& Found!) Her $2 Million Engagement Ring While Clubbing

Paris Hilton

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Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million And Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less

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Paris Hilton


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Paris Hilton Shows Off Her $2 Million Dollar Diamond Engagement Ring To Paparazzi At NBC Studios


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Wow Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million and Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less have some

Real Housewives of NY recap


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Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million and Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less months ago

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Blake Lively shows off her pink-diamond engagement ring: lovely or tacky?

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Paris Hilton Lost Her $2 Million, 20-Carat Engagement Ring in a Miami Night Club

  1. We wouldn't expect anything less from the person who told us back in February that the secret to her youthful appearance is eating home-grown food, doing yoga three times a week and having " a lot of sex.
  2. And, according to Sky News, if a fan needs to use their phone at any time during the show, they can go to a designated area and a staff member will open them.
  3. You can Netflix and chill without breaking the bank, but if you wanna HBO Go and chill with a celebrity, it's gonna cost a pretty penny.
  4. Legions of Rock fans heading to his shows at London's O2 Arena over the weekend can look forward to having their phones put into a special pouch, Sky News is reporting.

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Kim Kardashian Just RSVP'ed to Paris Hilton's Wedding Invite

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Kim Kardashian Just RSVP'ed to Paris Hilton's Wedding Invite

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Ball Expect Paris Nothing Million Hiltons Engagement $2 Less and Ring Honestly Cost Wed campaign isn't great


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Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million and Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less

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Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million and Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less Independent) Just

Chris Rock asks for mobile devices to be locked at his shows

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Nothing Million Cost Paris Honestly Engagement Expect Less Hiltons $2 Ring and Wed

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Paris Hiltons Engagement Ring Cost $2 Million and Honestly Wed Expect Nothing Less