• A Sunrise Ceremony in the Maroon Bells

    A Sunrise Ceremony In The Maroon Bells

    hate hate hate most cosplay ( probably because what should be. Loved how hard and fast he was fucking your pussy, and that moment when he shot his cum deep inside you. please..

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  • 5 Harmful Marriage Rules You Should Absolutely Ignore

    5 Harmful Marriage Rules You Should Absolutely Ignore

    As someone who was married for nearly a decade, I went through the ups and downs of marriage. The downs were really down and took me through these 5 terrible behaviors that people commonly engage in during a marriage. What the heck was I thinking.

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  • Do I Want to Get Married?

    Do I Want To Get Married?

    When I ask students where they see themselves in ten years, they almost always answer married. Marriage is an integral part of our culture.

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  • The Bachelors Tenley Molzahn Engaged to Taylor Leopold

    The Bachelors Tenley Molzahn Engaged To Taylor Leopold

    Stevens hit nine of her 13 shots and grabbed 10 rebounds for Connecticut , American , for her fourth double-double of the season and 28th of her career. Korneila Wright scored 17 points for Central Florida , UConn, which came in averaging 91 points a game, led just at halftime.

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  • 6 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding From Real Brides

    6 Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding From Real Brides

    I like having collections of books. I've read each of these separately, but now they are gathered together for your reading pleasure: A December Bride by Denise Hunter What started as a whim turned into an accidental - and very public - engagement..

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