• 23 Wedding Dresses We Loved at Couture Fashion Week

    23 Wedding Dresses We Loved At Couture Fashion Week

    By Tamar Najarian Updated on July 5, There are haute couture fashion shows happening twice a year, once presenting their spring and summer numbers and once parading on that catwalk the fall and winter collections. They are strange over half the time, and even when they seem like something you would actually want to wear, the occasion for it is not very likely to come up. Of course, that does not include certain designer lines like Chanel, where those suits are definitely garments you can don more than once in a lifetime.

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  • Can You Be Friends With An Ex Once You’re Married?

    Can You Be Friends With An Ex Once You’re Married?

    Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Now think of the ones you know who have managed to remain friends. We're guessing you can count the number who are still close on one hand -- and even that seems like a stretch.

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