Elizabeth Taylors 8 Wedding Dresses In Photos


From Queen Elizabeth II to Queen Bey, we present to you history's biggest, brightest and most beautiful engagement rings that stand the test of time, plus a few others that are already on their way to being unforgettable. Grab your sunglasses and proceed with caution! She chose it herself! Diana's ring pick reportedly raised some eyebrows since it wasn't custom-made, but rather available for general purchase in Garrard's jewelry collection at the time.

Elizabeth Taylors 8 Wedding Dresses in Photos

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Top 20 Celebrity Wedding Dresses

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Elizabeth Taylors 8 Wedding Dresses In Photos

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Elizabeth Taylors First Wedding Dress To Conrad Nicky Hilton Jr

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Elizabeth Taylors First Wedding Dress To Conrad Nicky Hilton Jr

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Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Keep Falling Out, Just Like Elizabeth Taylor!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Keep Falling Out, Just Like Elizabeth Taylor!

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Italy Trash The Dress Kim And JR Modern Destination Wedding

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Italy Trash The Dress Kim And JR Modern Destination Wedding

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Husband #1: Conrad “Nicky” Hilton

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Elizabeth Taylors 8 Wedding Dresses in Photos

Liz Taylor's First Wedding Gown on Sale

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Elizabeth Taylors 8 Wedding Dresses in Photos Choo must-have

10 Most Famous Engagement Rings in History

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Photos Dresses in 8 Wedding Elizabeth Taylors

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