Amy Schumer Invited Her Guests To Her Impromptu Wedding Via Text


Blaire Erskine Comedian Amy Schumer is officially off the market! On February 15th, , Schumer shared photos from her ultra-secret wedding to chef Chris Fischer, captioning the photos with a simple, "Yup. Here's what we know about the couple's gorgeous Malibu ceremony filled with the family, friends, and lots of laughs. The ceremony made Jennifer Lawrence cry Instagram No wedding is complete without the bride's best friend, so of course J-Law was in attendance!

Schumer and Lawrence are famously close and BFF goals for women everywhere.

Amy Schumer Invited Her Guests to Her Impromptu Wedding Via Text

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Amy Schumer's wedding guests were invited via text

Amy Schumer Has the Chillest Proposal Story of 2018

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Amy Schumer Invited Her Guests To Her Impromptu Wedding Via Text

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Amy Schumer Has the Chillest Proposal Story of 2018

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Amy Schumer Invites Guests To Wedding By Text Message

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Amy Schumer Invited Her Guests to Her Impromptu Wedding Via Text Seriously, though, will

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Amy Schumer invited guests for her wedding by sending texts

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Amy Schumer invited guests for her wedding by sending texts

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to Her Via Her Impromptu Text Wedding Invited Guests Amy Schumer also has

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Amy Schumer Invited Her Guests to Her Impromptu Wedding Via Text

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You'll never believe what Amy Schumer was doing when Chris Fischer popped the question

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Amy Schumer Invited Her Guests to Her Impromptu Wedding Via Text Zuhair Murad Dior


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Invited Guests Text Wedding Her Via Amy to Impromptu Schumer Her

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Amy Schumer Invited Her Guests to Her Impromptu Wedding Via Text