9 Pretty And Practical Essentials For Your Baby Registry


Hang the valance and curtains? Done, done, and done. Now all you need to complete your perfectly outfitted nursery is an actual newborn, right? But a night-light or a dimmer switch is a nursery essential to keep you and your partner from stubbing your toes when you stumble in at 2 a.

Plus, the night-light's mellow glow rather than the glare of a bright bulb will help your baby learn to distinguish between night and day.

9 Pretty and Practical Essentials For Your Baby Registry

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10 Baby Registry Must Haves

7 Cool Gadgets for the Baby's Nursery

In fact, there are very few items that a baby actually requires: There is a lot of  baby gear on the market these days that can significantly enhance your ability to care for your child or just make it that much easier. But sorting through the available items and making sense of the marketing hype is often overwhelming. Plus, the potential expenses can be frightening.


Erica was kind enough to  fill me in In which case I do recommend it, but I would recommend either getting the exersaucer or a jumperoo a bouncy exersaucer. We went with the jumperoo, bought off of Craigslist. Both might be a bit over the top.

9 Pretty And Practical Essentials For Your Baby Registry

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7 Cool Gadgets for the Baby's Nursery

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Baby Registry Must-Haves!

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9 Pretty and Practical Essentials For Your Baby Registry blurb reads

Baby Clothes — The Layette

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9 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid Making

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9 Surprising Nursery Essentials

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9 Surprising Nursery Essentials

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Essentials Registry 9 Baby Pretty Practical and Your For love this thread!

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9 Pretty and Practical Essentials For Your Baby Registry

Create a Baby Registry

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Baby Showers By Mail

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And 9 Baby Your Practical Registry For Essentials Pretty

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9 Pretty and Practical Essentials For Your Baby Registry