8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be On Your Radar For Summer 2018


Because Paris isn't the only place in France with that certain je ne sais quoi Its capital, Strasbourg, is an intriguing blend of both influences—as reflected in its architecture, culture, and cuisine. Don't leave without experiencing a winstub a tavern serving traditional Alsatian eats, including the do-not-miss tarte flambee.

This hedonistic haven—made iconic by sex symbol Brigitte Bardot—has attracted international jetsetters and glitterati since the s. In the decades to follow, its clothing-optional beaches, upscale resorts Pan Deï Palais and Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez are top picks , ritzy yachts, and lively nightclubs have become a playground for the rich and famous.

8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be on Your Radar for Summer 2018

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9 Under-The-Radar Montana Towns You Should Be Visiting This Weekend

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8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be On Your Radar For Summer 2018

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9 Under-The-Radar Montana Towns You Should Be Visiting This Weekend

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Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2018

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Consider the 8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be on Your Radar for Summer 2018 Rivers

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8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be on Your Radar for Summer 2018

  1. Take a break from sightseeing to sample olive oil, tapenades, honey, nougat, and artisan chocolates.
  2. Take a break from sightseeing to sample olive oil, tapenades, honey, nougat, and artisan chocolates.
  3. And it remained under papal rule until when it became part of France.
  4. Tours also touts marvelous museums such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which displays works by Degas and Rembrandt, superb public parks, botanical gardens, and thriving markets.

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9 Most Charming Towns in Italy

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9 Most Charming Towns in Italy


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Charming Your 2018 Italian Towns for Summer 8 That Should Be on Radar planning magazine shop


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8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be on Your Radar for Summer 2018

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8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be on Your Radar for Summer 2018 lovin

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For Italian Towns 2018 Be That Charming Your 8 Summer Radar Should on

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8 Charming Italian Towns That Should Be on Your Radar for Summer 2018