25 Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits


Thank you Scott for your awesome work!! I met with Scott about a year before my wedding and he answered all of my many questions and addressed all of my concerns. During our wedding he was excellent and very patient with my large wedding party! Read More He gave great instruction for both our intimate couple photographs and our large group shots.

25 Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits

As long as your programs include all of the information you want to communicate with your guests—names of wedding party members, readings, musical selections, a thank-you note—you have free rein to choose whatever materials, style, colors and fonts feel special to you. Here are 25 ceremony program ideas we love, ranging from traditional to out-of-the-box, to give you some inspiration.

Experiment With Typography and Calligraphy photo by Krystal Akin Photography Mix and match font styles in your wedding program for a dynamic, modern look.

Top 10 Modern Wedding Songs

24 Creative Wedding Exit Toss Ideas

Print You're not supposed to throw rice anymore, and you want something more exciting than birdseed and less traditional than flower petals to send you off. These wedding exit ideas are not just fun for guests, they also can create picture-perfect moments for your photographer to capture. Confetti is growing in popularity as an option for tossing.


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25 Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits

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24 Creative Wedding Exit Toss Ideas

The Basics

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Showers & Parties

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Send Off

More on Wedding Ideas

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More on Wedding Ideas

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25 Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits Federline selling Kitson

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Picture Perfect Weddings

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Picture Perfect Weddings

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25 Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits

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Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Altar Ideas

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Exits 25 Ceremony Picture-Perfect Wedding

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