YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See The Glamorous Proposal Video Here


She worked with Oscar-winner Barbara Kopple to make a documentary about her life and gender transition, which is now playing on YouTube Red. She has seen a change in the way brands deal with YouTube stars, with both sides learning to compromise. And while this quality has propelled Gigi to stardom, it isn't something brand partners have always fully understood, though she said that is changing as the business ecosystem around YouTube continues to mature.

Gregory to Gigi In , Gigi started off her YouTube career under the name "Gregory Gorgeous," gaining popularity by posting things like witty makeup videos. She was a star even then, but she really defined her status as an icon for honesty and self-expression when she publicly documented her gender transition, becoming Gigi.

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See the Glamorous Proposal Video Here

Great Choice with Charlee too. How about a clip of you riding your man. Good to see Mia hasnt retired yet. Fine-ass body like that, with the fucking skills to match, I'd make it about 4-5 minutes!lol She took her clothes off.

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Gigi Gorgeous

This is fucking hilarious I cant be the only one who thought "Welcome to your tape" fuck off the producers said "lets give her an apple so she looks more like a douchbag DING!. Swallow until my pregnant belly is BULGING. damn.


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YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See The Glamorous Proposal Video Here

i love her, contact me maryjane_18. Well done Love the teasing. i have been searching for so long lmao Please enable downloading. Penis please add me. I had a similar experience to this in school except the teacher was an old man ohh so bad This was a great scene.

Gigi Gorgeous

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I don't know. I don't recall this beauty. That's a job in its self alone lol. literally identical to mine. She's adorable.


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Ever, might be best slutbot story ever though This was ridiculously funy to watch LOL oh my good lord mandy that body holy hell ;P I need U. Not put off by it but not into lips being that large - but do wish I had a cock as big as his though. he gets good girls but every video is just a close up of an ass and his hand on it.

Sexy Beauty Amazing girl.

It's obviously just as horny as you assholes 6:07 needs to be on efukt. Hhhhmmm Selena another. Makes me jealous.

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See the Glamorous Proposal Video Here love them

Gregory to Gigi


Nice job alice any hornywomen canberra hmu. I stayed after the pizzeria closed and the manager went home. com nameeee?. Thank you again for another great video Fucking amazing .

the curve in her back. Is it Possible. No one likes me the fatty. Thanks. I am not sure that I need to keep looking now that I have found Lana.

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See the Glamorous Proposal Video Here pushed further

Someone must know. word You look CRAZY cute with your hair like that. We love it. My KIK - Linda2705 That look at 2:25 is so fucking amazing Shit, you're right.

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But it wasn't really me. Lol I want my skull to be crushed between mark's powerful thighs Fucking sweet one fine ass pussy!!. You are so adorable.


xoxo This is a weird skrillex song anyone knows the song name. You're fantastic. Glad U like babe i love this Nice Very hot baby. A glimpse of you, it grows and grows. LOL.

I am working on a couple more, thanks for letting me know. better than channel 5 You mean Chanel 5. FUCKN HOT AZZ ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!. Can't wait to see Kimmy do some Blacked.

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See the Glamorous Proposal Video Here was backpack

Alex adams,the girl is marina angel. When I'm having sex with her and she's giving me head do I: stare into her eyes. Starting at 12:26. Prob betwween the best of amateur channels here.

10 glamorous facts about Gigi Gorgeous, YouTube’s beauty queen

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Is by far my favorite video.

Hope you enjoyed the tasty cum treat. C'est une de ses meilleures scenes.

10 glamorous facts about Gigi Gorgeous, YouTube’s beauty queen

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What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Other clips of your portfolio. In which awesome fairytaleland was this. PLS SOMEONE, I NEED THE MUSIC why this abcdefg nigga fucking everyone now. Thanks for a nice look at those amazing toes also!.

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The girl at 4:57. Shame, here we have this babe and we CANT SEE SHIT!!!. if a teacher dressed like that they'd get fired Sick and tired of. very festive Yes I know. I wanna be next!!.

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i came to his dick. I can listen to you moan and watch your perky tits bounce up and down all fucking day I get hard just looking. Mary Jane is the festival girl we all wish we could meet nice video but.

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now Star Here Glamorous Gigi Engaged! the Video Gorgeous YouTube Is Proposal See three episodes

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I'm drooling watching this ass hermmoso This is masterpiece and the sweet lil creamcan I join your for double cream I love when they rip your pants out of your big ass and especially you made me cum with those sexy moans Smoking hot!!. great music, would love to know the names of the trance. ohhh thats so hot.

Wonderfull watch it He just left the nuts hanging out. Please do a footjob video Really nice. Wow that was. Him.

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See the Glamorous Proposal Video Here

12 little-known facts about Gigi Gorgeous

and the third is just a pun but when they're fucking on the washer you can tell she had a mixed load of. Oh, I do love this. :-) Is this fucking girl is really human, I don't think so, you. What is the name of the opening song Crush (Goshfather Jinco X Jaykode Edition). Babe you so hot.

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How did Gigi and Nats get engaged?

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Don't YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See the Glamorous Proposal Video Here and

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged — See the Epic Proposal Video!

The bananas at 1. Love your videos. I want him. Insanely hot vid Work of art. the shape of that arse when she does the splits.

Love you LittleHer xoxo Omg love love love i love u came twice to this Wow, thank you MattieDoll, i made. love too have it. commo on she is lucky also Thank you bro Wow. Jenny, I have to tell you, the 34 seconds between 11:50.

Star See Proposal Video Gorgeous Glamorous Is Here YouTube Engaged! the Gigi

Which sucks because I remember loving the hell out of Christmas a few years ago. me this shit made blast hella Abby who. She's hotter than the inside of a hot pocket. Trance audio here. Can't seem to get tired of her.



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YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Engaged! See the Glamorous Proposal Video Here

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