Win A Valentine’s Day Proposal With Megabus


Talk About It Guys and girls the first thing you should do before you even consider planning your proposal is making sure you are completely in love with each other. Marriage is a one-time commitment and not something that should be taken lightly. Many times, small talks about marriage, life, money, and kids will verify that your relationship is serious enough to consider proposing.

Having open communication is a must before, during, and after marriage.

Win a Valentine’s Day Proposal with Megabus

These fun Valentines Day games are inspired by some of the best romantic movies ever. All of these games are Minute to Win It style games and depending on the number of people playing, there are three different ways you can play them. Clock — In this version, one player will be trying to complete the game in under a minute.

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Win A Valentine’s Day Proposal With Megabus

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I Surprised My Baby Girl **I Proposed** To Her On Valentines Day PRANK

Romantic Movie Inspired Valentines Day Games

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Romantic Movie Inspired Valentines Day Games

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Win a Valentine’s Day Proposal with Megabus that red swimsuit

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WATCH: Valentine’s Day arrest turns into a wedding proposal in Pasay

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WATCH: Valentine’s Day arrest turns into a wedding proposal in Pasay

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Petals Valentine’s with Megabus a Win Proposal Day more

Win $500 in the Valentine’s Day Contest!


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Win a Valentine’s Day Proposal with Megabus

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Win a Valentine’s Day Proposal with Megabus

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Valentine’s Day Proposal Win Megabus a with

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Win a Valentine’s Day Proposal with Megabus