Why Men Should Share The Birth Control Burden


Consider a tale of two siblings: When Mary hit middle school, she began having such painful periods that her father once called the paramedics, thinking she had a ruptured appendix. But at age 14, she got a state-of-the-art hormonal intrauterine device IUD that cured her terrible monthly cramps.

Over time, the IUD not only would virtually eradicate her bleeding and pain, but would also provide top-tier contraception for up to seven years.

Why Men Should Share The Birth Control Burden

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Birth control for men? Here’s what you need to know

The Different Stakes of Male and Female Birth Control

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Why Men Should Share The Birth Control Burden

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The Different Stakes of Male and Female Birth Control

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If Birth Control Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads

Anesthesiologist and Surgical Intensivist in the Philadelphia Area

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Anesthesiologist and Surgical Intensivist in the Philadelphia Area

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Why Men Should Share The Birth Control Burden Andreas Taralis

Better Birth Control for Men: 8 Promising Possibilities


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Why Men Should Share The Birth Control Burden course succesful phot-session

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Why can't men take on more of the birth control burden?

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Why can't men take on more of the birth control burden?

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Why Men Should Share The Birth Control Burden

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Should Birth Control The Burden Share Men Why

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Why Men Should Share The Birth Control Burden