This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets To A Same-Sex Couple, And We’re Horrified


The Socially Acceptable Range of Discrimination, Revisited August 22, by Ken White Back in July, in the context of a baker investigated for refusing to provide a cake for a same-sex-marriage celebration, I posed this question: My question is this: In other words, if people are outraged that anti-discrimination laws make merchants sell goods and services to same-sex couples, is there a good reason they aren't also outraged that the same laws require the same merchants to sell to Jews, or African-Americans, or white guys like me?

Willock, a well-known case in which a wedding photographer refused to photograph a same-sex ceremony and was sanctioned under New Mexico's anti-discrimination law as a result.

This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets to a Same-Sex Couple, and We’re Horrified

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The Satanic Nature of Same Sex Marriage 1 of 2

Online printer allegedly sent gay couple Satan pamphlets for wedding

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This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets To A Same-Sex Couple, And We’re Horrified

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Online printer allegedly sent gay couple Satan pamphlets for wedding

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Gay couple sues after receiving Satan pamphlets instead of wedding program

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Prayer Bon This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets to a Same-Sex Couple, and We’re Horrified great, someone

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This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets to a Same-Sex Couple, and We’re Horrified SPENDER MBFWA S/S

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This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets to a Same-Sex Couple, and We’re Horrified

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  2. Anti-war activists, Weapons Inspectors, Democrats From:
  3. This hypothetical suffers from the reality that political views and political group membership, including membership in the Klan, are not protected categories under the NMHRA.
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The Socially Acceptable Range of Discrimination, Revisited

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The Socially Acceptable Range of Discrimination, Revisited

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This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets to a Same-Sex Couple, and We’re Horrified

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Well, This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets to a Same-Sex Couple, and We’re Horrified Matthias Vriens-McGrath

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This Wedding Vendor Sent Satan Pamphlets to a Same-Sex Couple, and We’re Horrified

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