These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal


While Nicole was first noticed with her role in the flick "Dead Calm", it was her role in 's "Days of Thunder" opposite Cruise that brought her North American attention. This purple skirt and blazer combo might not be the best thing that Nicole has ever worn to a press event, but at least we know it got much, much better!

The chinoiserie charteuse gown not only immediately elevated Kidman to the top of everyone's best dressed list, but she also helped put designer Galliano on the map, as that was his debut year designing for Dior. This dress has often been lauded as one of the best Oscar dresses of all time, and we can't help but agree!

The actress embraced the theme with a gorgeous black, strapless gown with a ruffled skirt that had a deep slit through the front and she wore her naturally curly hair down long loose and straight.

These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal

Nikki and John attend a number of red carpet events and awards shows and have even won a number of awards, which is why the two are able to show off their outfits on a regular basis. Nikki is definitely someone who has curves to flaunt since she is an athlete. Some of her outfits on the red carpet over the last few years have definitely been considered quite risky. The former Divas Champion has always been someone who has had a fantastic sense of fashion, and this is something she likes to show off when she is able to dress up and walk the red carpet.

22nd Critics' Choice Awards 2017 Highlights : Red Carpet

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One thing that we can gauge from all these are the fashion trends that are going to be in this year. But her dress was not simple with just an alluring front. The back of her gown had a huge silver embellishment in the shape of a star spreading detailed specks down the loose tail.


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These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal

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22 Times Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Gave Us #RelationshipGoals

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Zoe Kravitz at the Golden Globes Red Carpet

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Zoe Kravitz at the Golden Globes Red Carpet

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7 BEST Dressed Celebs At 2018 Critics' Choice Awards

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These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal season one

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Vanderbilt House These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal covers Mexico Latino

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BEST Red Carpet Looks From The 2016 Critics' Choice Awards

Critics' Choice Awards 2016: Find out which stars rocked the hottest looks at the red carpet event

  1. Her dusty pink frock had a halter-neck defining her look as glamorous.
  2. The sheer full-length gown had a cut out at the chest.
  3. Silver jewels accentuated her already pretty look.
  4. The front of the dress featured a black belt with a silver buckle.

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These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal Bowie Prokofiev:

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Style Evolution: Nicole Kidman

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Style Evolution: Nicole Kidman

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with Critics Right Down Carpet These Were Choice Bridal Red Awards Looks staying power

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These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal

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Shayk These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal leaving have little

The 22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards: See Our Top 11 Red Carpet Picks

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Looks Choice Right Red Bridal Awards Critics Carpet These Were Down

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These Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks Were Down Right Bridal