Should You Consult An Astrologer About Your Wedding Date?


We look to the stars when we start a new relationship , so why wouldn't we check in with them before tying the knot? Using astrology to decode your wedding date is a specific form of "electional astrology," which focuses on the planets' positions at the time of important events and decisions in people's lives.

In the same way that your birth chart shows where the planets were when you were born, your wedding has a chart of its own, too. And, like your birth chart, every piece of your wedding chart is important to consider. But, there are certain elements that offer more meaning right off the bat, says Leisa Schaim , an astrologer who offers electional consultations for weddings.

Should You Consult an Astrologer About Your Wedding Date?

November 28, What does your sign say about yours? The day a couple gets married they create a new life together. Marriage is something that you grow, raise and nurture. So, it makes sense that your wedding day is the creation of a life — a new life — one that comes with a zodiac sign that you two share with each other.

When does a person meet an Astrologer (Astrology Insights)

How Your Wedding Date Affects Your Marriage, According To Astrology

What is electional astrology? It is the art of choosing a chart that is most conducive to a certain event — for example: An event chart with mostly unstressed aspects and placements and harmonious links to your personal charts makes the best use of the energies available. In a way, I think of electional astrology as rather like ritual.


Tweet When I returned to school in my late 30s, I took a sabbatical from astrological counseling, figuring life as a middle-aged undergraduate would be demanding enough without the added emotional pressure of advising others about their lives. Gradually, though, I drifted into choosing wedding dates with astrology to pay my tuition. Rather, the happy couple based their decision purely on practical considerations, the way I was reluctant, having seen and heard enough about the relationship over the years to doubt that astrology could do much to help this marriage succeed, but I did my best.

Finding an astrologically acceptable date within the time frame they were willing to consider was difficult, and convincing them to use it was nearly impossible.

Should You Consult An Astrologer About Your Wedding Date?

Now that you have decided to tie the knot and plan your wedding, one of your first tasks is setting the date. They choose according to weather or travel conditions. Without a doubt, these are important considerations. But we who do understand and use astrology, even a little bit, know that some days are simply better than others.

How Your Wedding Date Affects Your Marriage, According To Astrology

#1. Astrological influences

Your heart is the master. But our Marriage Chart is crucial in this regard. This article explains synastry, the composite chart, and the importance of the marriage chart, as well as other factors. There are several ways to find out how compatible we are with another, and where our points of harmony and friction occur.

There is another crucial chart to have calculated before we marry, and that's the Marriage chart, done for the time of initiating the marriage ceremony.

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7 Things You Must Consider Before Finalising A Wedding Date

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7 Things You Must Consider Before Finalising A Wedding Date

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HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR MARRIAGE AGE by simple calculations/numerology

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Choosing a wedding date

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Michelle Hicks Should You Consult an Astrologer About Your Wedding Date? Lavigne Chop Suey

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Planetary Events

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7 Things You Must Consider Before Finalising A Wedding Date

  1. One is a chart done for the time when two people first meet.
  2. We can use it to analyze the moments to which we are spontaneously drawn — just as we spontaneously gravitated toward the moment of birth, with all its potential for pain and glory — to see what secrets those moments can reveal to us.
  3. Which is more important to your future happiness:
  4. Flowers, a beautiful dress, and tux, a music playlist
  5. So, in our opinion, marriage horoscopes may contain a Full Moon, especially when the Moon is still waxing.

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Choosing Your Wedding Date With Astrology

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Choosing Your Wedding Date With Astrology

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Wedding an Astrologer Consult Should You About Date? Your are

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Should You Consult an Astrologer About Your Wedding Date?

Ancient Astrology

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Vutton Should You Consult an Astrologer About Your Wedding Date? green silk comforter

Choose Your Wedding Date With Astrology – Electional Guidelines

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Wedding Consult About Date? You Your Should an Astrologer

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Should You Consult an Astrologer About Your Wedding Date?