Princess Charlottes First Day Of School Looks Like Its Off To A Stellar Start In These New Photos


We are back with something lovely on a cold and dreary winter day, new photos of Princess Charlotte. We also have our poll on your favorite day dress from , but want to cover the new pictures first. Here you see Charlotte all ready for her first day of nursery school. The Princess is standing on the steps of Kensington Palace, in a photo taken by Kate this morning.

The Duchess also took this image of a very poised-looking Princess.

Princess Charlottes First Day of School Looks Like Its Off to a Stellar Start in These New Photos

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Kate Middleton takes pictures of Princess Charlotte first day at nursery school

See Princess Charlotte's First Day of School Photos Side-by-Side With Big Brother Prince George's

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Princess Charlottes First Day Of School Looks Like Its Off To A Stellar Start In These New Photos

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See Princess Charlotte's First Day of School Photos Side-by-Side With Big Brother Prince George's


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Prince George and Princess Charlotte play with balloons and pet animals

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Becomes world Princess Charlottes First Day of School Looks Like Its Off to a Stellar Start in These New Photos now there's


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Seay Princess Charlottes First Day of School Looks Like Its Off to a Stellar Start in These New Photos and nude-colored

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Princess Charlotte Could Not Be Cuter In Her First Day Of School Photos

  • It was another fit and flare design with a full skirt, center front seam, concealed back zipper and waistband.
  • The piece is crafted from matelassé fabric, providing a textured background that adds dimension to the garment.
  • It really was a delight to see the new pictures of Charlotte, very much a bright spot on a wintry January day!
  • It also has a set-in waistband with box pleats that create the volume in the skirt.
  • Wow, that is a lot to think about in choosing your favorite!
  • It also has three-quarter sleeves, a scoop neckline and concealed zipper.

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Princess Charlottes First Day of School Looks Like Its Off to a Stellar Start in These New Photos gum Isabella

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Princess Charlottes First Day of School Looks Like Its Off to a Stellar Start in These New Photos

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Also liked Princess Charlottes First Day of School Looks Like Its Off to a Stellar Start in These New Photos girls

See Princess Charlotte's Sweet-as-Pie First Day of Preschool Pictures!

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Princess Charlottes First Day of School Looks Like Its Off to a Stellar Start in These New Photos

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